Wednesday, December 7, 2016

2016 Elections

At the January meeting, elections were held.


2016 TYSL Officers   2016 TYSL Board Members
Vice President
Erin Drislane
David Reynolds
Erika Lowrey
Lisa Costa 
  Brianne Cazmay-Biros
David Drislane
Kristen Gondolfo
Katie Husson

Division Coordinators

In order to provide timely responses, TYSL has set up separate e-mails for the Division Coordinators.  Please send any questions you have to the Coordinator for the division which your child is registered.

U4 Coordinator - Gareth Morgan

U6 Coordinator - Kristen Gondolfo

U8 Coordinator - Brianne Cazmay-Biros

U10 Coordinator - Brianne Cazmay-Biros

U12 Coordinator - David Reynolds

U14/U19 Coordinator - Erin Drislane

TYSL is committed to providing excellent service!